Monday, 17 May 2010

Crucified in a Car Park

Crucified in a Car Park

Crosses by the busy road
Face to face
Not very high
You could have looked Him in the eye

The Jewish execution site
Within the stone quarry
Jews would stone the sinners here
Now in Roman occupation
The Roman way was crucifixion

Place of the skull
Outside the city gates and walls
He hung there from twelve til three
The sixth hour til the ninth hour
While Father covered Him in darkness
And mercy kept Him there for me

Lambs were always killed upon
The north side of the altar
As He hung there the
Passover lambs
Were being slaughtered

“It is finished!”
His triumphal cry
The earth split open
Sin and sickness came to death
In His body as He died

Where his blood
Fell to the ground
Bus and coaches are the sound
From off the streets
The men remain
Not noticing the scandalous claim
He is Messiah to all that come
And bow the knee
Before His throne

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